Dave Morgan - eRecruit Solutions

Dave Morgan

Managing Director

Background: With more than 10 years’ recruitment experience, and as a Fellow Member of the REC, Dave leads the Client Services Team and oversees the success of each individual campaign. He’s a stickler for detail and remains ‘hands on’ in all aspects of the business, with a fiery passion for excellent customer service; making sure each and every client enjoys an excellent experience at all times.

When not in work: Dave’s a huge DIY enthusiast, with an eye for detail (bordering on OCD) and a keen interest in restoring period properties. Travel is another pastime, kindly reminding us of his travel plans numerous times, months in advance of any trip…

Favourite food: Naughty we know, but KFC or Chinese food!

Sean Curtis - eRecruit Solutions

Sean Curtis

Finance Director

Background: With more than 8 years’ experience in the accountancy sector, Sean has worked with both small and large organisations in both the private and public sectors. He is also the resident IT guy and combining his two areas of expertise means he has a spreadsheet for almost everything. You’ve got to love a good spreadsheet.

When not in work: Sean is a golf enthusiast and would play every day if he could. He is also a keen traveller and tries to tick off two countries every year.

Favourite Food: A rare steak or a curry…… failing that you can’t go wrong with a kid’s tea.

Jon Druitt - eRecruit Solutions

Jon Druitt

Sales Director

Background: Having started his career in the Direct Sales, Marketing and Promotions arena, Jon went on to be a head hunter and now leads the Business Development Team at eRecruit. He thrives on showing new clients an innovative and fresh way to source the best possible candidates for their roles. He spends much of his time training and helping the team hit their goals whilst keeping them on their toes with new sales of his own!

When not in work: Jon enjoys all competitive sports, red wine and travelling…..next stop South America!

Favourite food: Mum’s Lasagne!

Mary Scudamore - eRecruit Solutions

Mary Scudamore

Client Services Manager

Background: As eRecruit’s longest standing member of staff, Mary is now a fully qualified REC Member, and has progressed to being our Client Services Manager. She started her recruitment career as a head-hunter, before moving into online recruitment. Mary loves to talk; be it to clients, candidates or colleagues, and manages to be chirpy at all hours of the day!

When not in work: Mary can usually be found in a certain Peri-Peri chicken restaurant, but also loves holidays, reality television, shopping, and beer gardens.

Favourite food: Peri-Peri Chips!

Will Harvey - eRecruit Solutions

Will Harvey

Managing Consultant & Team Manager

Background: As eRecruit’s Managing Consultant, Will is never happier than when bringing in new business and welcoming new clients on board. His tenacious attitude brings him to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that his clients’ campaigns are always a roaring success.

When not in work: Will can be sure to be watching some sort of live sport (or, failing that, on the TV) with his mates. He is also a keen reader of fiction and has a substantial DVD collection that he revisits from time to time.

Favourite Food: Fish pie or ‘Toad in the Hole’ with red onion gravy.

Tiffany Balson - eRecruit Solutions

Tiffany Balson

Senior Client Services Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Background: Tiff joined the eRecruit Team in 2011 after a successful background working in Administration & Customer Service for companies such as traditional recruitment agencies. She has very bravely taken up a split role, working both as Executive Assistant to Dave, Jon and Sean (she must be mad!), and Client Services Coordinator within the Client Services Team. She took to our form of recruitment like a duck to water, and candidates, clients and fellow eRecruiters all warmed to her immediately. Tiff’s enthusiasm for her work makes her an integral part of eRecruit.

When not in work: A huge Bristol City fan with a love of festivals, animals, Greggs, beer gardens, live music and her GHD’s. Tiff also loves her nephew Milo very much!

Favourite Food: Curry or mashed potato or pizza or broccoli or miss millies?!..I cant choose!! Maybe cheese actually?

Greg Pendleton - eRecruit Solutions

Greg Pendleton

Managing Consultant

Background: Greg has a strong commercial background, and was most recently a Sales Director for two website businesses. He loves developing new business relationships and watching them grow!

When not in work: Greg (or ‘Slothface’ to his friends) can be found in his natural habitat, The Spotted Cow. Other hobbies include playing cricket and going on long bike rides… But most importantly he loves spending time with his family and spoiling Tia, his little niece

Favourite food: Curry and Roasts

Gemma Scarlett Adams - eRecruit Solutions

Gemma Scarlett Adams

Managing Consultant

Background: Gemma has a strong background in recruitment, working in the IT and Media industries. She gained excellent experience through two successful positions, before joining the revolutionary world of flat fee recruitment

When not in work: Can often be found spending money on inappropriate clothing, gassing with the girls, or stuffing her gob!

Favourite food: “That’s easy, chocolate, chocolate, oh and more chocolate”

Andy Taylor - eRecruit Solutions

Andy Taylor


Background: Andy has 11 years’ experience in sales across many sectors such as direct sales, investments and insurance

When not in work: Andy spends time with his daughter, going to live sports events such as football, horse racing, cricket and rugby. Andy also loves travelling when he gets the chance

Favourite food: Lasagne!

Rochelle Van der Merwe - eRecruit Solutions

Rochelle Van der Merwe

Client Services Coordinator

Background: Originally from South Africa, she moved here to become an Au Pair in 2012 and then proceeded to work in a café for 8 months. This is her first “grown-up” job and she’s so proud!

When not in work: Rochelle likes to travel, even if it’s just the next town over and the weather is particularly nice. One of her favourite things is finding little coffee shops, pulling up a chair and reading her favourite book with a cup of tea.

Favourite food: Right now, it is Mexican food. She also likes to fall back on the ol’ favourites like Italian and Thai.

Becky Forsythe - eRecruit Solutions

Rebecca Forsythe


Background: Becky studied a Law Degree at Plymouth University then volunteered for the Innocence Project for two years, working on a miscarriage of justice. After graduating, Becky did a ski season in Tignes, France, for 5 months, ran a 44 bed chalet and then moved to the main chalet bar, making lots of cocktails for après after a long day on the slopes. She has moved to eRecruit for a challenge and fresh, exciting new career move.

When not in work: Becky can often be found in a bar sipping on a cocktail, gin or white wine (hopefully not all three at the same time).

Favourite Food: Seafood, and mushy peas!

Charles Walls - eRecruit Solutions

Charles Walls


Background: After getting a degree in Psychology from Northampton University, Charles pursued a career in sales and now works as part of eRecruit’s team of Consultants. He is dedicated to providing the professional service that he would expect to receive.

When not in work: Charles enjoys a drink with friends (don’t we all!), listening to music, and cooking (usually at the same time). He also enjoys visiting his baby sister in London.

Favourite Food: Roast Duck, he absolutely loves duck… and cooking a roast is half the fun!