Reducing Employee Turnover – Part 2

In Part 1, we looked at several steps to ensure you can minimise employee turnover, including turnover trends and managing expectations. Here are some more tips to make sure you get recruitment right, first time. Be clear about employee terms and conditions Salary and benefits are often a sensitive area, and if new recruits receive less than the advertised figure,… Read More ›

Reducing Employee Turnover – Part 1

Employee turnover, quite simply, describes the number of employees that leave a company over a given time. The term is often used pejoratively, but is actually not a bad thing. Indeed, employee turnover could mean ridding a company of ineffective workers and replacing them with great talent. That said, one thing that does always walk hand-in-hand with employee turnover is… Read More ›

Recruiting For Modern Startup Businesses

There is never a good time to start a business. In fact, despite austerity measures and looming financial downturns, now is as good a time as any. The UK has never been so entrepreneurial, with more and more people taking their destiny into their own hands. However, with so many startups, there are also plenty of failures. Business owners have… Read More ›

Tips For Telephone Interviews

Despite face-to-face meetings being the best way to interview candidates, more and more companies are using phone interviews to recruit new employees. This can be a matter of policy or convenience – for instance, a candidate is moving to a new city and is looking for a new job. When interviewing over the phone, you need to be shrewd, as… Read More ›

All Aboard! Effective Onboarding Techniques

By giving new employees the right treatment and objectives, you stand to increase retention rates and staff satisfaction. For new recruiters unfamiliar with the term, onboarding is simply the process of integrating new employees with your company; giving them the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to quickly adapt to their new workplace and colleagues. Good recruitment agencies will be able… Read More ›

Recruiters – Know Your Candidates!

There was a time when companies treated candidates like customers. Bosses knew everything about them. Candidates were understood inside-out: their pros and cons, likes and dislikes, hobbies and families, work ethic and career goals. Some employers still adhere to this, but many sadly do not. Understanding candidates starts with your recruitment agency. If it doesn’t, it may be time to… Read More ›

Cost-Effective Ways To Improve Your Employer Brand

Employer brand is an important factor for all companies. Your employer brand is what attracts and retains workers, making your company a better place to work than your competition. However, far from being the reserve of big companies, small businesses can develop employer brands too – and it needn’t cost the earth. Your recruitment partner should always be educated in… Read More ›

Recruitment Challenges for a Small Business

For small businesses or start-ups who are looking to take on some new staff, the world of recruitment can sometimes seem like a daunting place. Fortunately, here we have a few tips to help you navigate the minefields of job boards, recruitment specialists and astronomical agency fees to help you source the best possible candidates for a reasonable price. Reaching… Read More ›

Staying Connected

Social media is growing ever more important in the recruitment process and this is evidenced in a currently-running poll on, which indicates that the majority of recruiters believe it will be the dominant strategy that recruitment specialists turn to over the next five years. By using websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, online recruitment agencies are increasing the… Read More ›

Managing a Wide Talent Pool

We’ve previously mentioned how online, flat-fee recruitment is a great option for sourcing the best possible candidates for job vacancies. Whilst it has its obvious benefits: low cost, provision of the entire recruitment service and access to a wide pool of talent, it’s equally important to be capable of dealing with that large talent pool. It’s no use having access… Read More ›